Panthère de Pompon Ours blanc de Pompon

Art of traditional Lacquerware


Our lacquerware are hand made, with resin of the lacquer tree Rhus Succedanea.

They can be inlaid with mother of pearl, gold leaf, silver leaf, eggshell or other materials.

Many operations (painting, inlay, layers of lacquer, polishing) require several weeks of work per object.

Oiseau par Dunand Chat art-déco  laque et coquille d'œuf

We make reproductions of masterpieces by DUNAND (art- deco), KLIMT, MUCHA and many other artists.

We also carry out pictures, boxes, statues and furniture.

We can made to order. Contact us to know the rules, rates and delivery time.

Our full catalog is available, Request it by email ! Vases ronds par Dunand

Serpent d'eau double de Klimt