Léopard de Rembrandt Bugatti en Bronze Ours Blanc de Pompon en Bronze Laqué

Edenya specializes in reproductions of art masterpieces

Our specialty, since 2004, is making high quality bronze statues (lost wax casting).

We make statues by RODIN, POMPON, BUGATTI, DEGAS, CAMILLE CLAUDEL, GAUGUIN, BOURDELLE and many other artists.

We make reproduction of art masterpieces made of lacquerware, wood and stone carving, ceramics, copperware, reconstituted stone, resin and papier-mâché.
We carry also Da Vinci models and copy of antique weapons.

We offer only high quality reproductions of art masterpieces and can made to order.
Contact us to know the terms, rates and delivery time.

Archer de Bourdelle en bronze
Archer de Bourdelle en bronze

Only HandMade !

All our products are created according to traditional techniques and are made from materials of the highest quality.

Every object is subject to strict quality control, carefully packed and protected before shipping.
Vase de Dunand en Laque

Mascotte Bugatti Royale en Bronze plaqué argent Penseur de Rodin en bronze La nature de Mucha en Bronze & Lapis-lazuli